Why "ISLAND-TIME" is not a good habit for designers and creatives

"The time vacuum created by the ocean's presence. Similar to stoner's time, everything moves nice and slow. This carefree aura even has the ability to travel with islanders and can engulf you in their presence." (urbandictionary.com)

In order to truly become a good designer, one that is sought after. This is a must to have in your bag of tricks... SHOW UP ON TIME! Really, be early by 15-20 and prep yourself. This is not just a good interview skill to have, but rather a form of respect. Coming early and leaving late is a form of dedication, it shows passion for what you do. It lets clients know that you are engaged and organized professionally. 

As a designer/creative it is really important for us to manage our time. being on top of your clock will waste less of your day and put more money into your pocket. Efficiency is key to any good design hustle, keep on crankin' on!